13 febrero 2009

música hermosa.

juro que sólo iba a poner uno o dos.. pero no puedo. es demasiado hermoso esto.

well i dreamed i went out a wanderin'
i heard promises become fables forgotten
i saw bridges stretchin' out across the water
and towers pushing taller

i knew my reality was clearly defined
by the fences put up around my mind
i watched them thicken into walls over time
taller than any boarder line
i saw civilizations deemed insignificant
i saw people's history tatooed on their skin
i saw families taken from their land
dynasties shattered and stolen

and i asked when... is a revolution
i asked when... is a revolution

in all the burdens of centuries accrue
that get passed along to every generation's youth
and all the allegories told in lieu of truth
i watched them grow wild and spread like the flu

i saw the rise of an untamed industry
i watched machines paint a paper economy
i saw my own self stand right in front of me
and i didn't do a thing

i saw poisons pushed in the street
and prescription pills mingling in the mezzanine
with a whole host of wealth of doctors and pharmaceutical companies
still poor people were dying from disease

and i asked when... is a revolution
i asked when... is a revolution
i asked when... is a revolution
i asked when... is a revolution

and i broke down at the break of dawn
I saw new meaning in the clouds above the Pentagon
as real as the hollocaust as stong as the Parthanon
visions of Sudan Iraq and Vietnam

i stood silent upon a flooded levy
and stared at the ruins of a merchant city
and the president who came to dine with the noble elite
he didnt do a thing

i saw three ships come sailing in
through the passage of the CARIBBEAN
i saw children coming home in coffins
millions marching on washington

and i asked when... is a revolution
i asked when... is a revolution
i asked when, when... is a revolution
i asked when... is a revolution

When I heard the news,
my heart fell on the floor.
I was on a plane on my way to Baltimore.
In these troubled times it's hard enough as it is.
My soul has a known a better life than this.

I wonder how so many can be in so much pain,
while others don't seem to feel a thing.
Then I curse my whiteness
and I get so damn depressed.
In a world of suffering,
why should I be so blessed?

I heard about a women who lives in Colorado.
She built a monoment of sorts behind the garage door,
where everyday she prays for all whom are born
and all whose souls have passed on.
Sometimes my trouble gets so thick,
I can't see how I'm gonna get through it.
But, then I'd rather be stuck up in a tree
then be tied to it.

There is so much more.

I don't feel comfortable with the way my clothes fit.
I cant get used to my bodys limits.
I got some fancy shoes to try and kick away these blues.
They cost a lot of money but they arent worth a thing.
I wanna free my feet from the broken glass and concrete.
I need to get out of this city.
Lay apon the ground stare a hole in the sky,
wondering where I go when I die.
...When I die.

..and i find most of the time i'm lost inside my own mind
i look all over, all over to find
it dont keep me satisfied

all the conquests that i construe
fail miserably in front of you
have you ever been loved my such a charasmatic fool?
and i'm a sucker for your love...

...when the women with their stolen graces
Don’t invite you to play host
To their daughters with fake faces
I will be the one who loves you the most

When all the debutantes desert you
And all the doorways are all closed
And all the harlequins have hurt you
I will be the one who loves you the most...

..If you have a broken heart or a battered soul
Find something to hold on to or to let go
To help you through the hard nights like a flask filled with hope
Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know..

2 comentarios:

doux-sommeils dijo...

Hermoso mal, zarpado en hermoso.
Seguramente será de lo más scrobiado (???) de la semana.

No lo repito más: sacá la veriicaciónd e palabra, POR.FA.VORRRRR!

Surreal dijo...

escuchaste little joy?
tiene pinta de norman (?

luego escucho a este tal dennen